We are on limited hours and appointments until Mid-May with merging with Cream City Hostel. Reach me by text or phone 414-502-7259 or email at hometownbikes@gmail.com

Same Day Flat Change

Includes tube and labor with tax

(30 minutes)
$ 22.00

Stop In Visit

Come check out our space, chat about your bike and how we can help you. This includes any repair work not listed as an appointment type.

(30 minutes)

Saddle LIbrary Consoulation

Exchange your saddle or sign-up for the saddle library

(30 minutes)

Basic Service Package

Includes adjusting shifting and braking; light wheel truing as needed on the frame; wipedown of the frame and air-up of both tires
Bike dropped off with appointment. Pick-up scheduled during drop-off.
Discounted from $50- spring/summer rate

(30 minutes)
$ 50.00

Deluxe Service Package

Includes all of the basics PLUS bearings adjusted as needed including headset, bottom bracket and both hubs; off-bike wheel detailed truing; includes labor for installing any new parts from the shop
Drop off bike for assessment and schedule a pick-up in person
Discounted from $90 spring/summer rate

(30 minutes)
$ 90.00

Works Overhaul Service Package

Includes all of the deluxe service package PLUS overhaul of all the bearing services and replacement of all loose ball bearings not sealed. Drivetrain cleaned as needed. Detailed wheel truing including re-tension and replacement of spokes as needed; replacement of all cables and housing with bulk stock.
Drop off bike with appointment. Pick-up scheduled after drop-off

(30 minutes)
$ 250.00

DIY Session Time $10/per hour

Sign up for one hour slot (but you can stay up to three). Use of tools, stand, mechanic time to assist you in your project.

(1 hour)
$ 10.00

Private Repair Lesson

ould you like to learn on your own bicycle with undivided attention?

We can custom tailor the lesson to address your needs and wants!

Become confident in identifying and addressing bike concerns at home and on the road

(1 hour)
$ 75.00